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Garbh Sanskar ( Joyfull Pregnancy )

1) Promotes baby's growth and development: It is believed that the baby's brain develops up to 80 percent while in the womb, and external influences such as light, music, and movements can have an impact. When the mother maintains a positive mindset and stays happy, it is thought to help circulate beneficial hormones in her body, which can contribute to the well-being of both the mother and the baby.

2) Helps keep the baby calm and positive: Listening to soothing music is said to increase positivity and create a favorable environment for the unborn baby. The positive vibes from the music can have a calming effect and contribute to the overall well-being of the baby.

3) Strengthens the bond between mother and baby: The mother's voice has a unique and comforting effect on the baby. Engaging in activities like talking to the baby, reading stories, or playing music can establish a connection and bond between the mother and the unborn child before birth.

4) Aids in the development of the baby's brain: The specific music associated with Garbh Sanskar, such as flute, veena, and Vedic chants, is believed to facilitate the faster development of the baby's brain.

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